Every Denzel Washington movie from the 2000s, ranked

One of the most prolific actors of his generation, it will be impossible to put down. Denzel Washington From the list of great actors for their contributions not only to film and television, but also to theatre. Born and raised in upstate New York, Washington began his career on stage and in 1977 made his screen acting debut. This was just the beginning for him as an actor, and just over ten years later, Washington was able to receive an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the drama. Glory, which premiered in 1989. Although it won an Academy Award, that didn’t stop Washington from going on with all kinds of different jobs after his big win. In 2022, according to The Hollywood Reporter, he was even awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom along with Simone Biles.

One of the most interesting features of Washington’s career is the variety of film genres he has been involved in and the roles he has played. He wasn’t a character actor and proved versatile no matter what the movie was about. In 2010, he won a Tony Award for his theatrical work, specifically as Best Actor in a Play, after appearing in it. Fences by August Wilson. Whether it’s a serious drama or an action movie, Washington has done it all. But if you want to watch his movies, these are the ones for it 2000s It should be on your list.

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12 Prismatic filter

Prismatic filter
Scott Rudin Productions

Although this version is from 2004 Prismatic filter It is a remake of the 1962 film, both films are adaptations of author Richard Condon’s novel. Washington Bennett plays Marco, a commander in a notorious US military unit during the 1991 Gulf War. Today, he and his fellow Army unit survivors deal with the aftermath of serving during such conflicts. At the same time, others seek to gain more power in the United States government, and Marco discovers some secrets he shouldn’t have revealed. As he begins to delve deeper into the truth of an event he experienced during his time abroad, Marco will have even greater discoveries.

Eleven The discussions are great

Harpo Productions

A movie based on real events. The discussions are great Not only is he a superstar for Washington, but he also runs it. It tells the story of Melvin B. Tolson, who in the 1930s believed his debate team could go far. But there was a problem: They were located in the south of the HBCU. Regardless of the Jim Crow laws of the time, he decided to take these bright young minds with him. While racism at the time may have hindered their success, they still stood firm.

10 123

Colombian Pictures

Action and suspense movie released in 2009. 123 It’s also a remake of two movies that were also based on a book. Washington portrays a train dispatcher who finds himself involved in a domestic terrorist incident after heading to work one day. A group of people hijack a New York City subway and end up deciding to take the train’s passengers hostage. Washington’s character is a train dispatcher who ends up negotiating with the terrorists, and it may ultimately be up to him to save everyone on that train before it’s too late.

9 Been completed

Been completed

2003 Been completed Washington Stars in the lead role. A collaboration between himself and director Carl Franklin, the second time the two have worked together since 1995, Washington plays a small-town Florida police chief. When a high school romance asks her to take her to the doctor, because her husband is abusive, they discover she has terminal cancer. She decides to leave him as the sole beneficiary of her life insurance policy, but when he takes the test money to help her financial treatment, she, her husband, and the money end up dead. His situation becomes more difficult when he realizes it’s all a setup and he needs the money for his job the next day.

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8 deja vu

deja vu
touchstone photos

In action and science fiction films. deja vuWhat might be considered impossible is sometimes possible. The film takes place in New Orleans, and at the beginning of the film, an act of domestic terrorism takes place. A boat carrying soldiers and their families as they are being transported to Mardi Gras festivities explodes, and an ATF (Washington) agent discovers it was no accident after realizing the bomb was planted. He is invited to join a government initiative to investigate the bombing, and realizes that the technology they are using can be used to send messages back in time. With the race against time happening in the past, he wants to prevent the accident from happening.

7 John K

John K
New Line Cinema

Denzel Washington 2002 movie John K It may not have been well received by the film critics at the time, but it was moderately successful at the box office when it grossed over a hundred million dollars worldwide. It depicts a father who, along with his wife, must take their son to the hospital one day when he collapses while playing baseball. The cardiologist tells them that he needs a heart transplant, that his insurance will not cover it, and that the family does not have enough money to pay the medical debt the procedure will incur. Tired and wanting his son to live a decent life, he decides that he will take all the people in the hospital hostage and demand that they treat him, as he sees no other option going forward.

6 Anton Fisherman

Luke-Washington-Anton-Fisher-2002-Fox Scout
Fox Scout photo

Anton Fisherman Washington’s directorial debut was in 2002. A biopic of Washington with psychiatrist Jerome Davenport. Antwone Fisher acquired it as a patient who served in the US Navy and had a history of childhood violence and neglect. After his mother left him in an orphanage and he was abused by the owners of the foster home where he was placed, he decided as a teenager to serve in the Navy. After an accident, Fisher begins therapy with Davenport, hoping to change his life for the better. The biography is based on the real life story of Antoine Fischer.

5 American gangster

A scene from the movie American Gangster
Free Scott Productions

Ridley Scott American gangster on 2007 with Splash; It ended up grossing over $250 million at the worldwide box office. While the movie certainly takes creative liberties with the story and characters, it’s based on the life of a criminal named Frank Lucas, who during the Vietnam War smuggled heroin back and forth on planes. Washington plays Lucas in the film, while Russell Crowe plays the detective who was trying to track him down and stop what he was doing: Richie Roberts. While this is going on in his career, Roberts faces many problems at home, including a divorce from his wife.

4 burning man

Burning Man - Denzel Washington
Twentieth century fox

Originally a 1987 book and movie, burning man Watch Washington play a former CIA officer and Marine Corps reconnaissance captain turned bodyguard. He’s been assigned to take care of a girl (Dakota Fanning), but when she ends up kidnapped while she’s in Mexico City, he’ll get her back no matter what. When a ten million dollar ransom is paid for her safe return and the deal fails, the kidnappers claim they will never see the girl again, but not on their guard. Although the movie’s reviews were not the best at the time of its release, it did well at the box office all over the world.

3 training day

Denzel Washington Training Day
Village Roadshow Pictures

2001 training day Starring Washington and Ethan Hawke. They work together in the Los Angeles Police Department, and over the course of more than twenty-four hours, the film will show the conditions they face in their daily lives. What’s routine in the LA neighborhoods turns into a crime-ridden day, preventing terrible situations from happening to others, and what quickly turns into a tense scenario that could leave both of you teetering between life and death.

2 Remember the giants

Remember the giants
Buena Vista Photo Distribution

released in 2000, Remember the giants It may not have been the most accurate movie based on the people the movie is about, but it has become one of the most successful football movies of all time. Denzel Washington stars as Herman Boone, the coach who begins the effort to integrate the football team at a high school in Alexandria, Virginia, in the early 1970s. As the team becomes more successful, he gains national attention due to their joining, though the road to getting there has been long and difficult. .

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1 man inside

Inner Man 2006
Universal Pictures[[[[[[[[ ][[[[[[[[

man inside, which first hit theaters in 2006, was directed by Spike Lee and was one of his most successful films. Detective Keith Frazier (Washington) works as a hostage negotiator for the NYPD. One day, a Manhattan bank is robbed and hostages are taken in the building. Keith Frazier and his colleague Bill were responsible for leading the negotiations. As they try to figure out the motives and rescue the hostages, the bank’s founder decides he wants to protect a specific safe deposit box at the bank, but when a criminal breaks into the safe, a new can of worms opens.

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